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This site will give you a glimpse of Facility Dynamics, our company history, the services we provide, our unique-advanced style of doing business, our software tools and most importantly, our senior experienced staff.

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Please use the Project Portal to access your project information or click the Run Cx Software link run ComIT as a thin client, or run your installation of PACRAT.
PACRAT defines a new class of software designed to put digital building information to work through automated expert analysis. While there are many products that can overwhelm you with information, PACRAT is the only one that will make sense of it for you! Our buildings are talking, shouldn't we be listening?
ComIT is the most comprehensive collaborative commissioning/building information management tool available. It allows automated application of a commissioning knowledge base built by over 200 man years of Cx experience. It provides an intuitive interface into all aspects/contexts of information which becomes an invaluable resource for operators.