About Us

Facility Dynamics Engineering Corporation
6760 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 200
Columbia, MD  21046
Ph:  410-290-0900
Fax:  410-290-0901

Content-1Facility Dynamics Engineering (FDE) is a consulting engineering and commissioning firm founded in 1989 to help bridge the ever-widening gap between the design/construction process and the operation and maintenance of the facility. We began with a team of professional engineers with complementary experience in building mechanical, electrical, and controls technologies and these core personnel are the foundation of our innovative processes and expertise. We maintain that the most thorough and cost-effective approach to commissioning is achieved through a field-based ‘Hands-On’ functional testing process carried out by experienced engineers with a comprehensive knowledge of building controls. Accordingly, our Cx teams provide an optimal blend of engineering/technician/ contracting experience for testing, troubleshooting, and problem solving. As an active participant in developing optimally functioning facilities, we take pride in being the member of the team that is consulted by the owner, the engineer, and the contractor to diagnose and resolve complex issues. FDE maintains a forward–thinking culture and philosophy that incorporates web-based management with cloud-enabled and database driven technologies, and a collaborative problem-solving approach. Our unique synthesis of senior engineering and hands-on commissioning combined with information technology has positioned us as an industry leader. Our project history chronicles an extensive amount of repeat work from clients which we feel speaks volumes about our quality and character.

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