Building Commissioning

Content-4One of our founding principles was that facilities and their corresponding controls systems and equipment were becoming more and more complex, but facilities as designed and built were not operating as efficiently as possible. We sought to remedy the problem by integrating the building equipment and controls systems thereby ensuring the owner’s investment. This process later became known as commissioning and Facility Dynamics Engineering has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. Our comprehensive approach combines “hands-on” analysis with state-of-the-art software to create a thorough, efficient, and superior building commissioning process. Our highly skilled staff with complementary expertise in mechanical and electrical systems design, HVAC controls, electrical testing, systems balancing, training, operations and maintenance, and remedial system analysis is experienced and effective with new building commissioning, LEED commissioning, and existing building retro-commissioning. Additionally, our innovative constant commissioning software that provides automated diagnostics and facility operational information using BAS data is revolutionary and in a service category all its own.

FDE believes it is essential for the role of the commissioning provider to be a collaborative and constructive one. We approach each project with an attitude of cooperation and whenever possible, we work together with all parties involved in the project. To this end, our in-house developed project portal enhances communication and strengthens the commissioning process. Our experience shows that when properly conducted, a successful Cx program allows everyone to perform better to the benefit of the owner. Our ultimate goal is to deliver optimally-functioning facilities and we are unequaled in what we do.

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