Commissioning Training

Content-13Facility Dynamics Engineering also provides training in most every aspect of building commissioning and retro-commissioning. David Sellers, P.E., our primary instructor for these classes, is a recognized educator with a unique gift for translating engineering complexities into clear and logical principles and methods. Our training programs range from introductory Cx classes to specific topics such as ALC Control Conversion, Economizers: Design, Performance, & Cx Issues, and System Diagram workshops.  Classes are taught in a hands-on, interactive environment and we recently added a few “In-Building” workshops that are completely field-focused. We find an interactive approach gives students a more thorough application of knowledge relative to their specific situation. The objective of our classes is to provide fellow engineers and facility personnel the information and skills required to maintain efficient and optimally functioning buildings.

Many of David’s workshops are presented at the Pacific Energy Center. We also have programs with the University of Wisconsin and North Carolina State University. In addition, we offer client-specific classes such as those we’ve done for Marriott Corporation and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Please see the Training page for course information and links to specific venues for schedule information and details.

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