Cornell University - West Campus Residential Initiative

This Project involved the construction of five residence halls and a community center over a period of six years for the 5 phases. Each of the facilities includes residential living space, dining rooms, laundry facilities, conference rooms, student lounges, office space, and kitchen/dining areas. WCRI provides approximately 1,800 beds and over 500,000 sf of new building space.


Schofield Barracks

Facility Dynamics Engineering peformed retro-commissioning services to the Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Air Field in Oahu, Hawaii.  The project includes two phases with over 83 buildings, 29 chiller plants and over 3,000,000 sf of space.


University of Virginia Alderman Road Residence Halls

Facility Dynamics Engineering provided commissioning services to the Alderman Road Residence Hall replacement projects. The project consists of two residence halls and a commons building. The residence halls include multiple living quarters including double bedrooms, triple bedrooms and suites, study areas, lounges, kitchens, a mailroom, and laundry facilities. 


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