Remedial Engineering

Content-11Inherent in Facility Dynamics Engineering's core expertise is the ability to diagnose and solve building system problems -- the two essential elements of remedial engineering. With our extensive knowledge and background in design, construction, building system controls, commissioning, and information technology, we are proficient at identifying building deficiencies. Through the proper use of our vast array of diagnostic equipment combined with our resourcefulness and skill, we are able to efficiently capture the true system operating parameters across varied conditions to troubleshoot the source of a problem. This process of diagnosis and discovery means we are not simply relying on another calculation SWAG that may have been the initial source of the problem.

After identifying the issue, the next step in remedial engineering is determining the optimal solution. We approach system improvements from the operator's perspective focusing on practicality, cost effectiveness, reliability, operability and maintainability as well as timely implementation with minimal disruption. On existing facilities, FDE concentrates on optimizing and utilizing the current systems as opposed to the typical "rip it out and start over" assessment frequently seen.

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