Fault Detection Diagnostics

Content-14Facility Dynamics Engineering is the ONLY firm that can deliver a comprehensive Constant Commissioning program by putting digital information from your building to work through the use of our PACRAT™ software. A challenge facing all facilities personnel is maintaining the optimal building that resulted from an effective commissioning process. PACRAT helps you meet this challenge by automatically diagnosing system problems and energy waste, characterizing real system performance, and facilitating an unequaled approach to monitoring and verification of energy savings projects. This is truly constant commissioning. Additionally, the service is backed by one of the most senior and experienced staffs in the industry. Practical and solid advice on fixing identified anomalies and optimizing your operation is only a phone call or email away!

Furthermore, FDE believes the most essential component of keeping buildings "green" is ongoing building optimization. There are various green technologies on the market today, but none should be implemented without a commitment and assurance they will remain effective long term. FDE's PACRAT has a proven track record of optimizing core system efficiencies throughout the life of the facility. PACRAT and an effective constant commissioning program are an unsurpassed green building technology.

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