Facility Dynamics Engineering has developed our Controls and Commissioning Engineering Application (CACEA) which is a detailed ‘tree-based’ representation of all commissionable systems and components within the facility. This representation ranges from whole systems to subsystems down to all component devices such as sensors, valves, and actuators. CACEA via the Cx Portal provides the following web-based commissioning information management features (click on each header to see examples from our project portal):

Cx Dashboard

The Cx Dashboard provides real time status on each phase of the commissioning process through the use of progress bars and real time issue statistics. 

Action Items (Commissioning Issues Log)

Issues that arise during commissioning are entered as ‘Action Items’ and tracked/recorded using a threaded discussion format that runs from inception through successful resolution. Customized categories and responsible parties for the various types of problems can be assigned and issues can easily be sorted or filtered by system, contractor, location, etc. When an issue is logged, an email is automatically sent to the responsible parties and email responses are captured in a ‘threaded’ format for record-keeping purposes. Links to files, webpages, photos, etc. are also available. Although communications are occurring via standard email, the Cx Portal is tracking and recording the various aspects of the problem for the Owner’s final record.

FPT & Startup Tests - Development & Management

Development of all testing scripts and protocols is performed within the databases underlying the Cx Portal. For each system, the applicable tests consist of FDE-standardized field tests for common components such as sensors and actuators along with custom-developed test scripts that reflect the sequences and specifics of the full systems.  Integrated FPTs involving multiple system interactions are also custom-developed. Tests can be linked electronically to submittals, manuals, drawings, and web links as desired. All related tests, including their eventual status/results, can be accessed, reviewed, filtered, and reported by any member of the team via the Cx Portal. 

Additional Cx Portal Functionality

In addition to the primary functions noted above, the Cx Portal can be used to track submittals, upload/store/download project files, enter/store nameplate documentation, and other uses as may be needed by the team. For example, the system ‘Equipment Nameplate Data’ module has been used to enter and store relevant equipment parameters electronically; database queries were then run to provide structured data access as input to the Owner’s CMMS system.


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