Content-3Facilities design, construction, and operations have become increasingly complex and demanding. Today's facility professionals receive pressure from occupants/tenants, administration, and regulatory and accreditation agencies. Occupants want safe and comfortable environments with reliable and adequate utilities. Administration demands efficient operations from both an energy use and manpower perspective, staying within budgets, and timely maintenance of facilities. Regulatory agencies dictate guidelines within which the facility must operate and conform to indoor/outdoor environmental and public safety requirements. Facility Dynamics Engineering is a valued and effective partner in meeting these diverse requirements. Through our commissioning process, we ensure mechanical, electrical, and life-safety systems are functioning optimally and efficiently both at installation and throughout the life of the facility -- and we help you plan for the future. This in turn provides comfortable and safe environments, maximizes operational efficiency, and ensures regulatory requirements are met.

Our services are centered on our areas of expertise and are summarized in this section. We intentionally do not try to be all things to all people as we feel this is a potential conflict with our core commissioning work. Instead, we focus our services to provide the best staff, knowledge, and proficiency available to achieve the shared goal of safe and optimally functioning facilities.

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