Master Planning

DDC System Master Planning involves quantifying the existing system or systems as well as qualifying the existing installation. When creating a DDC Master Plan, Facility Dynamics Engineering begins with survey information and interviews with facility engineers, operations and maintenance personnel. Based on information gained about the existing installation, local vendor capabilities, planned new construction and renovation, procurement guidelines, personnel capabilities, and desired system features, we then recommend various DDC system options and alternatives with both cost and operational impacts. We've found of particular interest to clients is the evaluation of various procurement cost options. Accordingly, FDE evaluates sole sourcing, competitive strategies, and interoperability issues, as well as unit costing of typical HVAC system configurations.

As a follow on to Master Planning, we developed Standard Guide Specifications for HVAC DDC systems. These guide specifications include hardware, software, and installation details as well as standard control sequences and points lists. The standard sequences assist in the conformity of common HVAC systems that are typically applied today, and the sequences can be replicated on similar systems. For example, there is no need to have a dozen versions of a control sequence for similar VAV AHU system installation. The goal of the guide specifications is to standardize around a level of complexity appropriate for the given application in a manner that can be understood by operations personnel.

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