DDC Controls Training

J. Jay Santos, P.E. is a recognized expert in DDC controls and an acclaimed instructor. Jay and other Facility Dynamics Engineering personnel present classes in DDC controls training through programs at the University of Wisconsin, North Carolina State University, and the Pacific Energy Center. FDE also conducts onsite programs for larger clients. Our control courses are taught in a “hands-on” format from a generic perspective so that information gained is applicable to many different types of control systems. Additionally, courses use block logic as a tool to depict complex control logic. Control course content generally includes:

  • Introduction to DDC, Fundamentals
  • System Architecture
  • Input & Output Data Flow
  • Programming Tools
  • Control Loop Response for Proportional Devices
  • The Design Process of Writing Good Sequences
  • Mixed Air Subsystem Control
  • Air Handling Unit Subsystem Control (Coils, Humidifiers, Re-heat)
  • Fan Control
  • Single Zone Constant Volume Systems
  • Multiple Zone Constant Volume Systems
  • Variable Volume Systems (Terminal Unit Control & Central AHU Control)
  • Central Chilled Water Plant Control
  • Defining DDC System Requirements
  • DDC System Acquisition Strategies
  • DDC Specifications
  • DDC Commissioning
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