Our Staff

Content-2This is the heart of our company and our most important asset – our people. Our staff is comprised of exceptional people who give their talent, expertise, and industry to make the company tick and provide unsurpassed service to our clients. We currently employ over 60 full time technical staff consisting of degreed engineers (a majority with P.E. and/or MS/PhD degrees), BAS/controls technicians, TAB technicians, former mechanical and electrical contractors, former facility and O&M managers, and former building research engineers and scientists. Above all else, we strive to hire only the ‘right people’ – engineers and technicians with rich and diverse technical experience who are also highly motivated individuals with a dedication to teaching, learning, understanding, and problem solving. These latter aspects cannot be measured or documented, but are evidenced in small things such as a late night email from the job site prior to running a meeting at 0700, timely responses to after-hours correspondence, or personal time spent researching a technical issue to assist a contractor looking for answers. All technical staff have the boots-on-the-ground, working knowledge of facility operation, construction, and building automation/controls that is required to carry out Facility Dynamics Engineering’s ‘hands-on’ philosophy of commissioning.

Although no project has our full staff on-site, all are available for every project whether you see them or not. Through the use of technology, we are able to share information and query our internal content-area experts around the clock via our Cx Portal, email, text, or even old-school technologies such as the telephone. In addition to our many in-house BAS/controls specialists, FDE is home to some of the nation’s leading authorities, authors, and instructors in areas such as high-containment laboratory and vivarium control, automated fault detection and diagnostics, data center and healthcare facilities, and ‘measurement-based’ commissioning and retro-commissioning. It is not uncommon for an FDE engineer to pose a technical question FDE-wide at 8 pm and have four sets of detailed responses to consider over breakfast the following morning.

Companies are only as good as their current staff and we are fortunate to have the highest level of competent, innovative, inquisitive, and enthusiastic facility engineers and technicians available. Many on our staff have been with us for much of their work history which speaks to their level of satisfaction, growth, and opportunity. In turn, this stability offers continuity and dependability to our clients.

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