Government facilities encompass most every type of building from K-12 schools to high-tech bio-containment laboratories. Facility Dynamics Engineering has the expertise and experience with all types of facilities and is able to provide full commissioning and energy audit services to both federal and local governement clients. The following projects show the diversity of our work.


U.S. Institute of Peace Headquarters

Facility Dynamics Engineering provided commissioning services on the new 5-story, 154,000 sf U.S. Institue of Peace Headquarters facility in Washington, DC. The facility houses multimedia exhibits for the public and includes training centers, private and public conference areas, a 230 seat theater, office space and a 20,000 sf public education center.


Unified Communications Center

Facility Dynamics Engineering performed commissioning services for the new 140,000 sf state-of-the-art Unified Communications Center project in Washington, DC. The center receives and processes all 911 and 311 calls as well as the District's customer service line. During major emergencies, the center becomes the District’s Emergency Operations Center and provides a central location for multiple agencies to address a variety of situations.


San Diego Courthouse

Facility Dynamics Engineering is currently providing commissioning services to the new San Diego Federal Courthouse project. The 467,000 sf, 16-story building consists of underground parking, district courtrooms and judges’ chambers, offices and a central utility plant.


Fort Bragg

Facility Dynamics Engineering provided retro-commissioning services to 31 buildings at Ft Bragg. The buildings included dormitories, operations buildings, a training center, and a dining hall. An initial assessment of HVAC and control systems was conducted prior to retro-commissioning.


Marine Corps Base Hawaii

The key element of the overall project was to perform a comprehensive, whole-building evaluation/investment-grade audit of all mechanical, electrical, and water systems, and correspnding equipmen and components. The purpose of the audit was to identify and quantify deficiencies and propose energy/water conservation measures (ECM) required to correct each deficiency.


Schofield Barracks

Facility Dynamics Engineering performed retro-commissioning services to the Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Air Field in Oahu, Hawaii. The project includes two phases with over 83 buildings, 29 chiller plants and over 3,000,000 sf of space.



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