Canaan U.S Penitentiary

Waymart, PA

Canaan U.S. PenitentiaryCanaan_Pen_2
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Waymart, PA
Project Size 650,000 SF

Project Description:

Facility Dynamics Engineering was hired by Bell Constructors to provide independent commissioning (Cx) services for this 650,000 sf  Federal Prison Camp facility. The complex consists of several single-story buildings, a Federal Prisons industries factory, six two-story general housing units, and one two-story special housing unit within a secured compound. A security corridor links all buildings within the secured perimeter and six 70-feet high guard towers.

Systems Commissioned include:

  • HVAC Systems
    • Multi-Zone Air Handling Units
    • Exhaust Air Systems
    • Variable Air Volume Terminal Units
    • Cooling Towers
    • Chillers
    • Boilers
    • Hydronic Systems
  • Security Systems
    • Door Control System
    • CC Television System
    • Inmate Durres System
  • Building Automation System
  • Electrical Systems
    • Emergency Generators
    • Main Gear 15kV with main-tie-main
    • Lighting Systems
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