Fort Bragg

Fayetteville, NC

Ft. Bragg Fort_Bragg_1
Department of the Army
Fayetteville, NC
Project Size 1.1 million SF

Project Description:

Facility Dynamics Engineering provided retro-commissioning services to 31 buildings at Ft Bragg. The buildings included dormitories, operations buildings, a training center, and a dining hall. An initial assessment of HVAC and control systems was conducted prior to retro-commissioning. Since the buildings lacked electric meters, data loggers were used to collected data from which whole building load shapes were developed. This data was also used for computer modeling to develop energy baselines and analyze energy measures. Following the assessment phase, full functional performance testing was performed on all systems; based on the results of the functional testing, various retro-commissioning measures were developed and implemented. The measures included setpoints adjustments, damper repairs, improved control sequences, and scheduling.

Systems Commissioned include:

  • HVAC Systems
    • Multi-Zone Air Handling Units
    • Fan Coil Units
    • Make-Up Air Units
    • Exhaust Systems
    • Unit Heaters
    • Air Cooled chillers
    • Chilled water distribution systems
    • Boilers
    • Hot water distribution systems
  • Control Systems
  • Lon-Based Building Automation System
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