NIAID Integrated Research Facility

Ft Detrick, MD

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesIRF

Ft Detrick, MD   

Project Size 100,000 SF

Project Description:

Facility Dynamics Engineering was the commissioning authority and provided commissioning services for the new 100,000 sf, $105 million lab facility. The facility is primarily a BSL4 laboratory designed to house state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment for use in researching BSL4 agent pathogenesis. The lab includes BSL2 lab suites supporting the main BSL4 laboratory and vivarium. The BSL4 laboratory is convertible to a BSL3E.

Systems Commissioned include:

  • HVAC Systems
    • Air Handling Units
    • HEPA Filtration
    • Laboratory Exhaust Systems
    • Bio-safety Cabinets
    • Fume Hoods
    • Breathing Air Systems
    • Lab Air Systems
    • Building Automation System
  • Bio-Waste Handling Systems
  • Electrical Systems
    • Lighting
    • Power Distribution
  • Plumbing Systems
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